Current 4-H Programs, Trips, and Opportunities

Current Trips:

4-H Offers many trips to a variety of ages of youth each year. Youth and families will need to monitor the website and 4HOnline to find when registration opens for specific trips. Here is the program booklet for the 2023-2024 year.

The Federation financial application is open now until November 15th. Please fill out to receive funding for your trips. Remember that applying for trips is SEPERATE, and done on 4HOnline when the trip application period opens.

Vernon County Parent Leader Federation Funding Application

Upcoming Programming:

December 2: Ornament Stitch and Stack Day: 10:00- 11:30 AM

Join us for some hands-on fun at the Viola Public Library! There will be two activity areas: one for working on a basic cross-stitching ornament project with our activity leader. The other area is dedicated to Legos, building blocks, and more. Bring your complete sets, with instructions and trade with other builders if you’d like, or bring free building blocks to create designs of your choice. Our office will also have Lego® ornament kits for youth to build and bring home. Chat and connect while you stitch and stack. Registration is required here.

Ready, Set, Bake!: Amateur Baking Competition: Deadline to Register: Dec 20th

Baking really is a big chemistry experiment–we’re so excited to explore! Register here. Rules and a rubric will be included in your first baking prompt, so you know how your bake will be judged. The competition will be via photos and you’ll upload via a Google form each month. Here is the schedule:

Jan 8th: Baking Prompt Released
Jan 26th: Bake Due
Feb 5th: Baking Prompt Released
Feb 23rd: Bake Due
March 4th: Baking Prompt Released
March 22nd: Bake Due (Zoom & Awards)
A baking prompt may look like:
Mexican Sweet Breads (Pan Dulces)–there are over 10,000 different recipes of Mexican Sweet Breads. Do some research and choose a recipe. You must use yeast, and stick to traditional style/method, but be sure to include a twist!
French Patisserie Week: Macarons! Have at! Color, substance, style!

Ongoing: Nov 2023-Oct 2024: Science of Seasons Cloverbud At Home Exploration Series

Registration is open year round–so sign up anytime to join us! Once a month, your cloverbud will receive a packet in the mail full of easy science experiments that answers questions like:

-How do animals stay warm in the winter?

-What happens underground?

-Can anything live under the water?

-Why do apples have a peel?

Families can complete them at their own leisure! Sign up is open year round–this program begins Nov 2023 and ends October 2024.