PAT Process Changes

For those looking to pick up their Private Applicator Training Manual, there have been changes for 2023. No longer will Extension be notifying an alert of when the certification expires, and no longer will farmers be able to come to the Extension office to pick up their training manual or wait until the day of training to purchase one. There are a few methods to order a training manual.
It will cost $40 and the manual will be mailed to your address. When ordering or filling out the order form, circle “100 General Farming.”
2. Go online and print out the order form:…/05/Private-Order-Form.pdf
Mail the completed form with $40.00 and a manual will be mailed to your address.
3. Contact the Extension Office and we can give you an order form or mail it to you, and you can then fill in the information and send it to the Madison address with $40.00 and a manual will be mailed to your address.
You will have the option for training on zoom or in-person. Please visit this website to sign up for a time and place that fits your schedule best.
There are limited dates and locations for in-person training. Be aware that the last in person training is March 30th and seating may be limited.
For more info please visit:
Vernon County Extension as a Testing Site is TBD.
For more info on Commercial Applicator Training (or Pesticide Training) visit: or
Currently Available Testing Centers for Pesticide Training:
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