2021-2022 Youth Leadership Project Challenge Points

Each year, our Youth Leadership Project (YLP), which consists of 8-13th graders plans challenges for our county 4-H clubs to complete. The reward: at the end of the challenge series, the club with the top points gets first choice in the fair food stand shift sign up process. Our Youth Leadership Project works hard to find challenges that will bring club members together and encourage teamwork and idea sharing. Each challenge is worth 13 points and clubs are ranked based on the successful completion of each challenge.

Final results standings are in for the 2021-2022 year! Congratulations!

Retreat Ramblers: 139 pts

Liberty Pole Boosters: 125 pts

Country Critters: 122 pts

Seas Branch Smithies: 98 pts

Mississippi Steamers: 60 pts

Davis Diggers: 51 pts

Riverside Badgers: 48 pts

Lucky Clovers: 45 pts

Nerison: 19 pts

Mapledale Motivators/Rte 56: 16 pts

Springville Superstars: 12 pts

Enterprise Eagles: 6 pts

Hillsboro Hotshots: 0 pts

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